What is Canta y Baila Conmigo™?
(currently not available)

You can take this class alongside Music Together®, or you can save it for when your child "graduates" from Music Together®. Canta y Baila Conmigo™ is a class for children up to 6 years old accompanied by an adult. This class is designed to support both Spanish language development and cultural competence through the use of children's songs and traditional music from Spain and Latin America. It is ideal for bilingual parents and caregivers seeking an authentic setting in which to interact in Spanish with their own children as well as with a broader Spanish-speaking community. Class will be conducted in Spanish for a full immersion experience.


However, this class is not limited to fluent speakers of Spanish. Beginners and intermediate speakers wishing to learn along with their children will find a fun, safe and supportive environment in which to experience the Spanish language as well as Hispanic musical traditions. Participants will receive a songbook and CD created especially for each session.


Center Director, Mariana J. Rigel, brings this innovative program to Italy for the very first time! 

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