Baby Class  0-9 months
(currently not available)

"I love it when you sing to me,

your voice is music to my ears.

I don't care how you sing or what you sing,

I just love it when you do."

At Music Together we know it's never too early to share the gift of music with your child.

It's a gift that lasts a lifetime

Bond with your baby through music as you learn how it benefits early child development.

Babies learn music the same way they learn language; by being immersed in it. Just as it is never too early to start talking to your baby, it is never too early to start singing with your baby and making music together.

As suggested by many studies, early exposure to music benefits early childhood development.

The music activities used in class such as musical purposeful touch, lap songs and songs without words are designed especially for newborns and non-movers. They will also provide the parent or care taker with an endless repertoire for changing diapers, riding in the car and playing with their baby, thus creating musical memories which will grow with the family.  

Research suggests that even infants can discriminate pitch and sounds.

So come meet other parents and learn about musical development for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

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